Dr Arnet is so excited to add acupuncture into our practice!  There are many types of acupuncture practiced around the world and for hundreds of years.  Dr Arnet has been trained in scientific medical acupuncture, which differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture is the act of placing a needle into the body at a specific point.  This helps us to achieve better control of chronic diseases, often along with Western medicine.  Acupuncture points are typically located where nerve bundles penetrate through tissue and close to blood vessels.  The needles through complex mechanisms reduce inflammation, normalize circulation and lead to tissue repair.   Through this process, the body's natural opioids and serotonin levels are increased. The patient may feel a tiny pin prick or even a dull ache, but it is often tolerated quite well. There are potential side effects to about everything we do or add to the body, but acupuncture is one of the safest treatment modalities available.  Patients with many conditions can benefit from acupuncture (disk disease, arthritis, allergic skin disease, gastrointestinal disease, etc).  It makes a great addition to typical Western medicine to help keep our four-legged friends happy and healthy!