Behavior Consulting

The number of pets in the United States given up to shelters for behavioral issues is overwhelming. We feel strongly that helping owners understand why behavioral issues occur and what we can do as owners to correct those issues benefits everyone. From puppy and kitten counseling, to issues involving interdog/intercat issues, we have tools that can help you manage many issues. We do have a questionnaire that we ask be filled out prior to a behavioral consultation and we usually schedule at least 1 hour for these appointments.

Often, following a few simple guidelines can help prevent behavioral issues in animals. You will often hear us say “A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!” Get out and exercise with your dog, or learn to provide exercise for your feline friend. Many behavioral issues can be solved with providing activity to keep your pet physically and mentally healthy. There are many games you can play with your pet that provide both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Most dogs need a “job”, meaning that they need something to do that challenges them. The ASPCA has a nice website dedicated to animal behavior issues: