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Neighborhood Newsletter- Dog Walking

Hello neighbors! Happy summer! As some of you may notice, my husband and I are avid dog walkers. We walk year-round (because we have to, not because we necessarily want to in the winter!). We love seeing the increase in the number of walkers as the weather warms, but I’m dismayed by the increase in the amount of dog poop left in the neighborhood. Let’s face it, stuff happens. Dogs poop. It’s one of the reasons we walk them, right?

Dog Flu

Hello everyone!  As you may have heard, canine influenza has been a hot topic lately. We've been watching this issue for months and have been in contact with the referral hospital at Kansas State University as they hear from vets from across Kansas. They haven't had any reports of active canine influenza in the state, but there are some cases in surrounding states. So, no need for panic, but the situation is changing and we are keeping our recommendations as current as possible.

"NO-POKE" Visits and Desensitization Tactics

Many animals are quite fearful when in a clinic environment. This is partly due to the fact that their clinic experiences are often unpleasant ones. If your pets comes in twice a year, their visits most likely involve taking temperatures, vaccinations and blood draws. What's fun about that??

Laser Therapy

Do you know about the benefits of laser therapy? It is a surgery free, drug free, noninvasive treatment to help reduce pain and inflammation, and speed the healing process. Laser therapy works by increasing blood flow to the treatment site. It can help with acute conditions like wounds, sprains/fractures, post surgical healing and pain relief, and much more. It can also help with chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, arthritis along with several other ailments. The treatment protocols are unique to each individual patient and condition.

Brownie Girl Scouts

Skaer hosted an event for Brownie Girl Scouts to earn their Pet Badge. There were 5 steps they had to go through to earn the badge. Each room had a different theme that included dogs, cats, rats, beta fish, lizards, and snakes. In those rooms, they learned about caring for each one of those species, how to keep it safe and healthy, and how to make it feel loved. Each girl selected an animal and created a budget on how much it would cost to support it. They played pet bingo and made a dog toy. Dr. Arnet ended the fun-filled day with a Q & A and yummy cupcakes.

Skaer Family Award

Skaer Family Honored by College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. William C. Skaer, DVM 1969
Dr. Christen Skaer, DVM  1999

Dr. William C. “Bill” Skaer and Dr. Christen Skaer, Wichita, Kan., are the recipients of  2013 Alumni Recognition Awards presented at the Central Veterinary Conference (CVC) held in Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 24. These awards are given to veterinarians whose careers have served as exemplary role models for future alumni in a professional and community setting.

Home Health Care

Skaer Veterinary Clinic is excited to announce home health care as an additional service provided to our patients and customers. We feel there are many times when a visit to your house may provide a better option for care such as pets that are stressed by veterinary visits to the hospital, a geriatric patient that is on hospice care, a multi-pet family where a bi-annual trip to the veterinarian could mean several visits, and times when a ride to the hospital may be difficult (large dogs or animals that have motion sickness).