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Disaster Pet Go Kit

We highly believe you need to be aware of what to do with your pets in case a disaster strikes. Dr. Christen Skaer was instrumental in starting the Kansas State Animal Response Team 5 years ago when Greensburg tornado struck and there were 350 pets left without anywhere to go.

Does Your Cat Hate the Carrier?

We can help! There are many ways that you can decrease stress in your feline friend by taking a bit of time to get them accustomed to the carrier, making the trip easier for you and for them.
We recommend the hard-sided, cheap carriers that allow the top to be removed.  This allows for us to remove the top and examine your cat in the bottom of the carrier if they are particularly frightened or anxious in the clinic. 

Choosing The Perfect 4-Legged Family Member

Deciding to bring a new dog or cat in to your household is a huge commitment. Do you adopt a homeless pet, buy one from a breeder or a neighbor, or wait for that special stray to find you? No matter the method that your new pet comes in to your life, there are some things you can do to make the introductions smoother.