We offer boarding!

Going out of town? Family emergency? We can help take care of your 4 legged family member while you're gone. Rest assured that we have highly trained veterinary staff who oversees the care and comfort of all of our boarding patients. We offer “extras” such as “love-cuddle time”, extra outs, “play time” and extra soft bedding for those patients who may need help. Additional services including hair and/or teeth brushing and baths that include pedicures are provided. You're always welcome to call to check on your pet while they stay with us.

As a veterinary clinic, we specialize in the animals that require a bit more TLC, boarders who are on medications or patients who may be elderly. Diabetic pets are always welcome! Medication and therapy are administered by trained personnel. We would love to help you keep them happy and healthy while staying here at our boarding facility!  You are welcome at our clinic anytime and we love to show off what we do and how we do it.  Because they're our family too!

Please allow 5 to 10 minutes at the time of drop off to discuss your pets boarding needs.

Required Vaccines and tests for boarding with us are:
Dogs- Negative fecal on file within 6 months, Rabies, Bordetella vaccine, Distemper Parvo vaccine, both strains of the Influenza vaccines (H3N2, H3N8) negative Heartworm test within the last year and must be on Heartworm and Flea preventative.

Cats-  Rabies, FVRCP, negative fecal on file within 6 months, triple test (FIV/FELV/HWA) within last year, and must be on Heartworm and Flea preventative. 


Cat Boarding = $14.00 per day per pet
Large Dog Run = $22.00 per day

Medium Dog Kennel = $20.00 per day
Small Dog Kennel = $18.00 per day
Additional Roommate = $13.00 per day

*After hours pick-up= $25.00 additional charge (Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 7:30am or 7:30pm only)
*We Do Not offer Drop-off after hours.

VIP (very important pet) Services (optional)

Pedicure = $16.00
Hair brushing = $5.00 (per day)
 Teeth brushing = $5.00 (per day)
 TLC for dogs (extra cuddles & exercise)= $10.00 (per day)
TLC for cats (extra cuddles & exercise) = $10.00 (per day)
 Administer Oral meds = $4.75 (per day)

Administer Injectable meds = $7.50 (per day)

Cat bath* = $43.00  
Small dog bath* (<25 lbs) = $32.25 
Medium dog bath* (26-40 lbs) = $34.94 
Large dog bath* (41-90 lbs) = $43.00 
Giant dog bath* (>91 lbs) = $59.13 
*Pedicure is included with all baths*