Certified Gold Cat Friendly Practice

Skaer Veterinary Clinic is proud to announce their gold standard certification as a Cat Friendly Practice in Wichita, KS. Skaer applied for the newly created, Cat Friendly Practice program. This program teaches clinic staff how to create a stress-free environment during each hospital visit. The program trains clinic staff on ways cat owners can best keep their pet happy and healthy. This is a practice that isn't new at Skaer, but they are now certified as a Cat Friendly Practice. Skaer has used many of these practices for several years. Some of these practices include: using special techniques during examinations, using the cat pheromone product Feliway® in exam rooms, using specific medical devices for exams and surgeries that are special to cats, avoiding “scruffing” the animal during the exam, teaching clients about stress-free vet visits and using their pet carrier properly and many other useful tips for cat owners.

With 86 million feline pets they out number their counterpart, compared to the 78 million canine pets. As the number of cat owners continue to grow, the American Association of Feline Practitioners sought a way to keep all of these cats healthy. They created the Cat Friendly Practice, a program designed to educate veterinary clinic staff and cat owners on how to best keep their cats healthy and happy. A Cat Friendly Practice uses methods that are safe to cats and best suits their unique needs. The program offers certification in Silver and Gold status, meaning that the clinic has met a certain amount of the Cat Friendly Practice standards. Skaer Veterinary Clinic has incorporated the optimum level of Cat Friendly Criteria and has been awarded the Gold level status.

Skaer Veterinary Clinic staff are aware of ways they can interact and handle your cat in ways that are less stressful to your cat and you. Skaer values their client’s contribution to their cats healthcare plan and will make every effort to help you learn what you can do at home to ensure that they get the care they need.

For more information, visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners website at : http://www.catvets.com/, catfriendly.com, or contact our office at  683-4641