Internal Medicine

Our Veterinarians believe in offering the highest level of veterinary care available. We utilize high quality laboratory equipment to allow us to receive blood results on your patient often while you are still in the clinic. This prevents unnecessary return trips to the clinic and often enables us to obtain a definitive diagnosis much earlier than previously possible. Our digital dental radiograph equipment allows us to diagnose the 80% of oral disease that lies below the gumline. Diagnosing oral disease through dental radiography (xray) allows us to treat painful conditions and to clear up infections that can lead to systemic issues such as heart, kidney and liver disease.

We also are able to perform radiology on your pets entire body. We use xrays to look for boney abnormalities, soft tissue problems such as splenic, heart, liver and kidney issues, and problems with the urinary tract. Our ultrasound machine is used as another tool to allow us to look at your pets soft tissue structures such as bladder, spleen, liver and kidneys. Did you know that dogs and cats can get bladder stones? We are able to diagnose and treat this painful condition through our radiology equipment and ultrasound machine. Surgery is often used to treat bladder stones, but there are also cases which we can treat with antibiotics and diet change.

Internal Medicine at Skaer Veterinary ClinicWe have an intensive care unit in our veterinary hospital that allows us to provide oxygen, heat and humidity support to critical patients that might require such treatment. Our ICU ward allows us to keep our critical patients in a quiet, warm environment where they can be closely monitored by our highly trained staff.

Our Veterinarians recommend senior wellness panels on all patients over 7 years of age in both dogs and cats. Occasionally, we may recommend starting even earlier than 7 if we feel it best for your patient. Yearly, routine blood screening often allows us to diagnose problems early in the course of disease, rather than waiting until your pet is displaying symptoms. Problems caught early can often be treated more effectively than those that present much later in the disease. We will often evaluate your animals urine specific gravity (concentration) as well to allow us to better evaluate his or her kidneys.

Internal Medicine image at Skaer Veterinary ClinicOur team also utilizes one of the most well-respected Veterinary referral laboratories in the Country. We are able to send out specialized laboratory tests if needed to help diagnose illness in your pet. We also partner with several veterinary specialists to provide advanced treatment when warranted. You can think of us as your animals General Practitioner. We have strong relationships with veterinary ophthalmologists, cardiologists, internal medicine specialists and surgeons. Our goal is to partner with you to provide the highest level of care for your pets possible. We feel that it is our job to provide you with all information necessary for you to make well-informed decisions that are right for your pet and your family.