"After my 3 year old black male cat was diagnosed with feline resorptive lesions, Dr. Christen Skaer advised that Sly needed 10 teeth extracted. She explained the procedure and that this was the best course of action for my cat, yet comforted me with the fact that I could not have done anything preventative and that a large percentage of kitties develop this dental disease. Sly was so good at covering up the fact that he was in pain, that I had no idea he had such bad teeth - I just thought he was a little over sensitive, flighty, and shy. Since the extraction, Sly is a far happier cat! He is very sociable now and loving, plus his appetite has greatly improved. I regret we did not find this problem sooner and recommend this procedure whole heartedly so kitties can live happier pain free lives. Thank you Dr. Skaer!" - Nancy